✅Worm food & health supplement 1kg

Worm food & health supplement, peat & chemical free for composting worms & worm bins 1kg Buy direct from Wormganix wormery


  • ✅This is exactly the same recipe as used in our commercial wormery, we use this to to fatten our worms and to keep them healthy and happy We manufacture our own food here on site by milling the ingredients into a fine powder specifically to the size that the worms can digest easily
  • ✅The good news is that here at Wormganix we do not use any chemicals in any shape or form in our nursery, the welfare of our worms is vital to keep them healthy and producing worm castings. Our food is chemical free , all natural and vegan Our current recipe includes Alfalfa hay, Oats, Maize, Sunflower seeds, Hemp seed and Oyster Shell
  • ✅All types of worms will thrive on it, Dendrobaena, Lob worms, Tiger Worms, Red Wrigglers, Earthworms etc. It can be used on both food waste worm bins and green waste composters and wormeries
  • ✅The good news is that you can’t overfeed your precious worms, so the obvious time to re-feed is when it’s all gone -we use a general handful, every other day in our wormery. As with a lot of things in your worm bin and wormery -its trial and error -for a small kitchen worm bin 2/3 tablespoons every other day should suffice
  • ✅We also include additives in our food that acts as an abrasive within the worm’s rudimentary gut allowing it to digest more readily Oyster shell powder is included in our worm food which is an invaluable calcium source for the worms and a digestive aid There is a huge difference between generic worm feed and ours -we have to produce the best feed to encourage our worms to produce the best quality worm castings and we take great pride to ensure the safety and well being of our wormery
  • ✅This is a 1kg pouch ( approx 1.5 Litres )
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