Wormganix Fine Composted bark houseplant potting & growing peat free compost 5 L


  • ✅This i our own composted bark that we use within our wormery – Why ? –because it’s the best –it really is, we need a consistent fluffy fine composted bark to produce our worm castings, so we’ve saved you a lot of hassle here –trust us, we’ve tried them all –this grade of bark is found within garden centre compost mixes but not generally available as a stand alone product

  • ✅Composted Bark is one of the most widely used components in commercial and retail growing media , and its popularity is growing due to the peat ban. The larger grades generally being used as a mulch . It is a loose, porous mixture ( not as dense as peat ) –so plants that require a drier, free flowing media will thrive. It can be mixed into denser composts to increase the porosity and improve the soil health of your shop bought compost
  • ✅ Not only do we not like chemical fertilisers, we really don’t want you to use coco fibre within your growing media, Its imported, unsustainable ( don’t let them bamboozle you, it really isn’t) Its washed in chemicals and hauled from 1000’s of miles away in a big dirty shipping container –it has very little nutrient value and is difficult to water correctly
  • ✅The relatively low nutrient content and absence of chemical fertiliser makes the composted bark the ideal partner for our flagship worm castings range –mix in 10% of our wormganix worm castings and you’ll have a dark fluffy complete growing media for your indoor plants that does not rely upon horrible, chemical fertilisers –we’re better than that , Right ?
  • ✅Dark brown in colour , Free flowing and easy to handle, PH 6 -6.5, 100% peat free Processed from natural British sustainable coniferous bark, Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Matured for a minimum of 12 weeks , then sieved and graded between 0-8mm ,UK produced
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