✅Composting worms starter pack 1kg

Composting worms starter pack with bedding, worms and cocoons (eggs) 1 Litre Buy direct from Wormganix wormery, Peat & chemical free


  • ✅No need to buy worms for your composter or worm bin anymore, this bedding starter pack contains enough worms and eggs to begin the process

  • ✅There will be a minimum of 100 freshly hatched baby worms and a minimum of 100 cocoons (eggs) -We have tested several batches to check the quantities and please use this guide as a minimum and remember, in the right conditions each cocoon will produce one or two worms. And as the baby worms hit adulthood they will start producing cocoons
  • ✅Our Wormery is completely peat free -we only use composted bark and paper pulp as the bedding. We also take great pride that we are 100% chemical free
  • ✅They are suitable for an indoor food waste composter or an outdoor gardening waste composter When used indoors the conditions of your existing worm bin will facilitate the hatching of the cocoons -they like it damp and warm ! -The outdoor bins will be equally succesful but at a slower pace if the temperature is lower
  • ✅We sugest you also feed your worms with our worm food ( sometimes called worm chow ) not only will they fatten up even faster the minerals within it improves the gut health of the worms which will improve their effiency
  • ✅We can supply any quantity on request, and we can provide the hardware you require and worm food -don’t be afraid to ask any questions Our Wormganix commercial wormery is based in West Yorkshire, we breed and rear our worms with the sole focus on the worm castings they produce and use these cocoons and worms you will be purchasing every single day
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